Tire Accessories

Tire accessories used in the textile industry are available in a variety of colors and patterns and can be customized to suit different clothing needs.


Textile Accessory Companies

Among the products of textile accessory companies, there are various products such as zippers, buttons, buckle belts, labels, cords, embroidery and applications.


Types of Cords

Detailed information about polyester, cotton and reflective cords we produce.


What is Woven Elastic?

You can find information about woven rubber, which is one of the most important products used in textile products, on this page.


What is narrow woven rubber?

Narrow Woven Tire is a flexible material type, primarily produced from a narrow woven material, we produce narrow woven rubber accessories for the textile industry.


What is narrow weave

We produce narrow woven textile accessories to use in your textile products.


Wearable Textile Accessories

Wearable textile accessories are accessories made of textile materials that people wear or rub on their body.


Textile Accessories Merter

In our store in Merter, in our Textile Accessories store, we have our own production of Tire, Ribbon, Cord, Metal Accessories, Zipper and Tire Group products.


Plastic Textile Accessories

You are welcome to our company in Merter for plastic accessories that can be easily produced in the desired way.


Metal Textile Accessories

Our company produces accessories such as metal buttons, threads, zippers, brooches, necklaces. These accessories are often used in fashion and design and are accessories for wearable products.


What is Oeko-Tex Certification?

Oeko-Tex is a registered trademark representing product labels, company certificates, and other services provided by the International Textile and Leather Ecology Research and Testing Association.